SEMEN : $25.00/Unit

CERTIFICATES : $75.00/Unit

Registration #: 43586756

DOB: 01/23/2015

Sire: Churchill Red Bull 200Z

Dam: SR CCC Ladysport 2205Z ET

Bred by:

Churchill Cattle

Owned by:

Churchill Cattle Co
Sidwell Ranch


Super calving ease with growth, carcass, and eye appeal. Cinch sports a 69lb birthweight and is in the top 5% of the breed for CE and BW EPDs, as well as the top half of the breed for all traits – very balanced. He is long bodied, thick made, flat topped, muscular, red eyed and attractive. His dam is as powerful a cow as you will see with a very good udder. Cinch froze semen at 12 months.

Pedigree & EPDs