Selling as Lot 1 in the 2016 World Class Female Sale
16 04 16 lady 6297d

As good as we have raised! She will be a "difference maker" for the breed. Flawless structure – big foot, extra bone, level hip – movement is effortless. Incredibly striking with depth of rib that carries all the way back to her flank. Full in the heart area, beautiful head and neck with hooded eyes and great pigment. We purchased her excellent uddered dam from Sierra Ranches and Hoffman Ranch. Her popular sire, Wildcat, has a tremendous offering in this sale. Lot 1 is in the top 10% of the breed for WW, YW, MM, CW, REA and MARB! She will produce both bull and heifer calves at the highest level as she has tremendous individual performance to go with her sound structure and eye appeal. We are retaining one-third embryo interest with at least some embryos to be collected after she calves as a 2-year old.